Advanced Reborn-tier items are reborn items that are rarer than regular reborn items. You can increase the chances of obtaining an Advanced Reborn by skipping lives. Advanced Reborn items are usually powerful.(This list is not completed yet.)

Here are all the Advanced Reborns:

Advanced Reborn Items
Adv. Reborn Type Effect Life Rarity
Northern Lights Furnace Depends on Sparkling Coal amount. 1000 1
Igneous Forge Furnace 1000 3
Arcane Lightning Upgrader 2000 3
Vampire Spore Upgrader 100 1
Virtual Enhancer Upgrader Upgrades ore depending on how far it is from the mine that produced it. Doesn't work if the mine is removed. 1000 3
Nova Star Upgrader Boosts the upgrade of other stars. 5000 3
Crystal Shrine Furnace 1000 1
Vulcan's Grasp Upgrader 500 1
Transmissus Lassitudinem Furnace Processes by x2500 4000 1
Elemental Upgrader Upgrader Multiplies by x200 5500 1
Borderlands Power Upgrader Upgrader Multiplies by x105 1100 3
Galactic Star Furnace Processes by x4,400 3200 3
False Vacuum Furnace Processes by x16 7500 1
Workclock Upgrader Multiplies by x75 1600 6
Nebula Processor Furnace Processes by x60 1740 2
Catalyzed Bow Upgrader Multiplies by x55 2100 3
Ultimate Tronic Cell Furnace Processes by x1qd 1555 2
Underworld Contraption Upgrader Multiplier increases by x1. Upgrade cap is x500 then goes back to x0 750 1
Nature's Rewrite Upgrader Multiplies by x200 15000 4
Emerald Plasma Refiner Upgrader Multiplies by x75 6000 5
Particle Collider Upgrader Depends on the amount of particles. x7 without any. 12500 6
Lunatic Binder Upgrader Multiplies by x100 - x1,000 8000 1
Gates To Hell Furnace Processes by x5.26N. Not a Cell Furnace 10000 1
Tetrite Upgrader Upgrader Multiplies by x256 or x512 1000 2
The Other Dimension Upgrader Only upgrades if Ore value > 1 Octillion

Multiplies Between x500 - x1000

2500 2
Immortal's Destiny Upgrader Multiplies by each number of the ore's ore value. 7500 3
Shadow's Return Furnace Processes by 50k 500 10
Oceanic Star Furnace Processes by 1M. Minor bug where it Sometimes Dosen't Process ores 2500 3
Engimous Spore Upgrader Multiplies by x16. It removes all negative status effects like Wild Spore 890 3
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