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{{Universal_Infobox_3|title1 = Apocalyptic State|image1 = Screenshot 29.png|tier = Ascended|item_size = 11x14|reborn_proof = Yes|sacrifice_proof = Yes|item_requirements = x1 [[Tree of Life]] <br>x1 [[The Fourth Dimension]] <br>x1 [[Guardian of the Portal]]<br>x1 [[The Ore Disposal]] <br>x1 [[Hades' Horn]]<br>x5k [[Mana of Life]] <br>x10k [[Shards of Life]]|source = Crafting it at the Craftsman|effects = x2.775Ud + refer to the trivia}}{{Universal_Template_Revised}}<blockquote>''"Why did you make this? A mix between ancient power and rise from the dead. Some say this item might one day kill us all."''</blockquote>
== Trivia ==
* This has been nerfed several times. Only reason is that it's too overpowered a dev said.
* This is the best furnace in the game since it can do x2.775Ud.
* During the time this item was first released, it needed 500 [[Oceanic Star|Oceanic Stars]]
* For some reason it's effected by the upgrade tags of your ores and it's 5^1 * 2.775e+36 per tag and each tag raises the exponent.

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