Let's be honest here, we all are too lazy to finish this so I'll just give the summary.

Magma Box - Gives loads of things with a chance to give a reborn item.

Mag Box - Unreals on crack (sometimes you smash your pc just for fun when you open this)

Inferno Box - Better unreals (also very rigged)

Luxury Box - Literally just flex boxes (unless you're getting supercomputers for Book of Knowledge)

Regular Box - Plain old crates. a worn down unreal basically. (

Rebirth Box- Exclusively gives reborn items.

Festive Box- Items from events eg Halloween and Christmas

Sacrifice Box

Unreal Box - Basically more exotics and vintages. (Yeah I suggest to not open them cause your mom gets you dead just by smashing the PC, cause you were on the verge of exotic)

Fusion Box - Can give you something that can give you inf, try to not completely delete your computer from existance.

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