"A cold shrine that appears to be sealing away a great and ancient power. If only there was a way to break the seal..."

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Crystal Shrine is an Advanced Reborn-tier furnace released on the 28th of April, 2018.

The Crystal Shrine is initially "sealed", but the process to unseal it is listed below.

  1. Process a flaming ore to make it "fiery" (becomes Fiery Crystal Shrine).
  2. Use the Freon Bombarder, Permafrost Refiner, Behemoth Snowflake, or Winter Snowflake to freeze an ore and process it in the furnace to make it "weakened" (becomes Weakened Crystal Shrine).
  3. Third, process an ore that has an upgrade counter of 40 or above to finally unseal it! (becomes Unsealed Crystal Shrine).

When the Crystal Shrine is finally unsealed, it processes ores at a very high multiplier of x7777. It also does not need to be maintained constantly, so it only needs to be unsealed if withdrawn and placed down again.


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