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This is a list of all Enchanted items. Although, please be aware that the information here is not complete, please for anyone that doesn't like griefed pages, feel free to add more items here and their description! :D

Image Name Description Usage
Angel blessing.png
Angel's Blessing "The angel grants a great blessing onto the purest ore without altering their states." Multiplies for x250. Multiplier decreases if an upgrader was used before this item. Sets ore with sparkle effect.
Image 2021-12-04 113821.png
Book Of Knowledge "A mystical book that can draw great power from the knowledge on your base." Base multiplier of 1. Increases multiplier for each item that increases the multiplier of BoK. Max multiplier of 100K.
Image 2021-12-04 115822.png
Deadly Destroyer "A severe bombarding approached as blasters from around the globe collided together and formed this abomination. It adds massive boost to your ore...at a cost." Multiplies for x76. Set your ore to fire. Doesn't explode your ore.
Image 2021-12-04 120456.png
Draconic Energy Bombarder "Imagine a truck. Then imagine the truck hitting your ores. Then imagine the same truck being absorbed into your ore. That's basically what this upgrader is." Lowest base multiplier of x9.84. Multiplies overtime. Max multiplier of x13.78K.

If the ore gets upgraded while doing the "draconic education" it means less multiplier

Image 2021-12-04 121126.png
Dreamer's Life "Your might overcame the fright, your anguish has subsided, the disease has perished, and your now have a vision of your new life, your dreamer's life." Base multiplier of x15.15K. Multiplier increases for each Dreamer item placed down. Max multiplier is undefined.
Image 2021-12-04 122356.png
Enchanted Library This upgrader is weird. Because sucks ore value or multiplies it, the real multiplier is unknown.
Image 2021-12-04 122840.png
Gargantium Mine "A behemoth of a machine whose incredibly dense ores react strangely to pulsars." Base ore value of 1Sp. Ore value can be increased by using different variants of pulsars.
Image 2021-12-04 122714.png
Guardian Of The Portal "This marvellous item will protect your ores while you're away... well, that's if you can call processing them, protecting them anyway." Base multiplier of x0. Being away from the base makes it have x2T multiplier.
Hades' Horn "This creepy upgrader eats your ores up like they're nothing!" Process ore at 2Sp. Requires ore to be on fire.
Image 2021-12-04 124250.png
Infinity Device "An overpowered upgrader designed by a mad genius. Because of the odds, this upgrader became immortal and is used by the greatest miner all over the globe." Multiplies ore for x415K
Image 2021-12-04 125350.png
King Doge's Berserk Base multiplier of x2-4M. Each doge placed increases the multiplier.
Image 2021-12-07 114850.png
Kings Resetter "A portable device that can be clipped onto the side of a conveyor. Resets ore without any doubt." Multiplies ore by x200 and reset the ore.
Lost Spirit
Image 2022-01-16 152953.png
Midas Blaster "Old tales follow the life of a king who turned everything he touched into gold, including those he loved. Dare risk everything you have just for a bit of cash?" Multiplies ore by 1.25-6.25k, sets ore on yellow colored fire.
Image 2022-01-16 153258.png
Phantom Ruby Mine "The Illusional Ruby That Powerful Enough to Defeat the Chaos Emerald. This Mine Drops 3 ores fast." Drops ore worth of 1 Utg.

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