Evolved Reborn[edit | edit source]

 Sakura Garden x7 = Sakura Falls
 Symmetrium Mine x8 = Symmetryte Mine
 Blind Justice x7 = Swift Justice 
 Wild Spore x12 = Deadly Spore 
 Quantum Ore Cleaner x7 = Quantum Ore Polisher 
 The Catalyst x10 = Satured Catalyst 
 Morning Star x7 = Neutron Star
 Astral Predicter x12 = Astral Setter
 Gate of Eclipse x10 = Final Eclipse Gate
 Ambrosia Fountain x7 = Ambrosia Forest 
 Ancient Temple x10 = Ancient Coliseum 
 Newtonium Mine x14 = Newtonium Excavator
 Tesla Resetter x10 = Tesla Refuter
 Flaming Schrodinger x12 = Super Schrodinger
 Frozen Justice x9 = Frozen Peaks
 Dark Magic x12 = Forbidden Magic
 Massive Diamond Mine x9 = Massive Diamond Drill
 Ore Illuminator x66 = Ore Indoctrinator
 Dreamer's Anguish x7 = Dreamer's Misery
 Big Bertha x100 = Tsar Bomba
 Aether Refinery x15 = Aethereal Synthesizer
 The Fracture x10 = The Fissure
 Eternal Journey x33 = Eternal Heaven
 Atomium Mine x15 = Moleculium Mine
 Azure Refiner x9 = Azure Wonderland

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