Evolved Reborn-tier items are evolved versions of normal reborn items. These items and be fused by rebirthing with a certain amount of normal reborn items.Evolved Reborn-tier items DOES NOT stack with its original reborn counterpart (For example: the evolved version of the Clockwork doesn't stack with the Clockwork, and vice versa). These items are made by having a certain amount of a reborn item placed on your base and rebirthing. This will result in a significantly better version of the combined rebirth items.

Evolved Reborn Effects Original Reborn
Clockwise Broken Clockwork 8x
Death Valley Multiplies ores by 15x Scorching Heat 8x
Virtuous Malware Multiplies ores by 500x Virtual Enhancer x8
Cosmic Star Multiplies the multiplier of

every star upgrader by x8

Nova Star 15x
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