"An extremely hot mine that produces very valuable ore. Requires coal blocks to fuel"

Overview Edit

The Industrial Firecrystal Mine is a Reborn-tier mine. It was added in the first stage of the 2015 Spooky Update. It is highly useful for getting to quintillions, as it is compatible with Nature's Grip. It can be argued that this mine is better than the Newtonium Mine since it can produce ore faster, but it has less of a value. The highest value of an IFC ore would be a low value for a Newtonium ore.

During the rebirth update, it became a genesis exclusive (Tier 2 rebirth which means it can only be acquired after your 5th life). However, for an unexplained reason, players have reported getting this mine before genesis. It has now been moved down to Tier 1 rebirth.

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