Money Suffixes Edit

All of the Miner's Haven Plus money suffixes, they are very similar to the Miner's Haven ones, but with the addition of DENONOGNTL and UDNONOGNTL

Normal Suffixes Edit

# Abbreviation Name Scientific Notation Notes
1 k Thousand 1e+3
  • Money cap for Large Ore Upgrader ($50k)
  • Money cap for Solar Large Upgrader ($50k)
2 M Million 1e+6
  • Cash required for the Millionaire badge ($1M)
  • Money cap for Precision Refiner ($100M)
  • Money cap for Rainbow Upgrader ($100M)
3 B Billion 1e+9
  • Money cap for Way-Up-High Upgrader ($1B)
  • Money cap for Freon-Blast Upgrader ($500B)
4 T Trillion 1e+12
  • Cash required for the Trillionaire badge ($1T)
  • Money cap for Serpentine Upgrader ($10T)
5 qd Quadrillion 1e+15
6 Qn Quintilion 1e+18
  • Money cap for Portable Macrowave ($1Qn)
  • Money cap for Suspended Refiner ($1Qn)
  • Least amount of money required for Rebirth on Life 1 ($25Qn)
  • Money cap for Molten Upgrader ($50Qn)
  • 3rd upgrade looping cap for The Final Upgrader ($100Qn)
7 sx Sextillion 1e+21
  • Money cap for Advanced Ore Atomizer ($1sx)
  • Highest potential ore value of any mine (Gargantium Mine: $10sx)
  • Money cap for Freon Suppressor ($100sx)
8 Sp Septillion 1e+24
  • Money cap for Horizon Centrifuge ($1Sp)
  • Money cap for Ore Thermocrusher ($10Sp)
9 O Octillion 1e+27
  • Money cap for Suspended Lava Refiner ($1O)
10 N Nonillion 1e+30
  • Money cap for Ore Transistor ($1N)
  • Money cap for Morning Star ($1N)
Decillion ( D )
11 de Decillion 1e+33
  • Money cap for Ore Transponder ($1de)
  • Money cap for Loop-de-Loop ($100de)
12 Ud Undecillion 1e+36
13 DD Duodecillion 1e+39
  • Least amount of cash required for the Overlord Device + Overlord badge ($1DD)
14 tdD Tredecillion 1e+42
15 qdD Quattuordecillion 1e+45
16 QnD Quindecillion 1e+48
17 sxD Sexdecillion 1e+51
18 SpD Septemdecillion 1e+54
19 OcD Octodecillion 1e+57
20 NvD Novemdecillion 1e+60
  • Money cap for Catalyzed Star ($1NvD)
  • Money cap for Red Giant ($1NvD)
Vigintillion ( V )
21 Vgn Vigintillion 1e+63
22 UVg Unvigintillion 1e+66
23 DVg Duovigintillion 1e+69
24 TVg Trevigintillion 1e+72
  • Money cap for Neutron Star ($1TVg)
25 qtV Quattuorvigintillion 1e+75
26 QnV Quinquavigintillion 1e+78
27 SeV Sesvigintillion 1e+81
28 SPG Septemvigintillion 1e+84
29 OVG Octovigintilion 1e+87
30 NVG Novemvigintillion 1e+90
  • Money cap for Blue Supergiant ($1NVG)
Trigintillion ( TG )
31 TGN Trigintillion 1e+93
32 UTG Untrigintillion 1e+96
33 DTG Duotrigintillion 1e+99
  • Max amount of cash required for the Overlord Device ($999DTG).
34 tsTG Trestrigintillion 1e+102
  • Least amount of cash required for the True Overlord Device ($1tsTG).
35 qtTG Quattuortrigintillion 1e+105
36 QnTG Quinquatrigintillion 1e+108
37 ssTG Sestrigintillion 1e+111
38 SpTG Septemtrigintillion 1e+114
39 OcTG Octotrigintillion 1e+117
40 NoTG Noventrigintillion 1e+120
Quadragintillion ( QDR )
41 QdDR Quadragintillion 1e+123
42 uQDR Unquadragintillion 1e+126
43 dQDR Duoquadragintillion 1e+129
44 tQDR Trequadragintillion 1e+132
45 qdQDR Quattuorquadragintillion 1e+135
46 QnQDR Quinquadragintillion 1e+138
47 sxQDR Sexquadragintillion 1e+141
48 SpQDR Septemquadragintillion 1e+144
49 OQDDr Octaquadragintillion 1e+147
50 NQDDr Novemquadragintillion 1e+150
Quinquagintillion ( QGNT )
51 qQGNT Quinquagintillion 1e+153
52 uQGNT Unquinquagintillion 1e+156
53 dQGNT Duoquinquagintillion 1e+159
54 tQGNT Trequinquagintillion 1e+162
55 qdQGNT Quattuorquinquagintillion 1e+165
56 QnQGNT Quinquinquagintillion 1e+168
57 sxQGNT Sexquinquagintillion 1e+171
58 SpQGNT Septemquinquagintillion 1e+174
59 OQQGNT Octaquinquagintillion 1e+177
60 NQQGNT Novemquinquagintillion 1e+180
  • Max rebirth price ($25NQQGNT)
Sexagintillion ( SXGNTL )
61 SXGNTL Sexagintillion 1e+183
62 USXGNTL Unsexagintillion 1e+186
63 DSXGNTL Duosexagintillion 1e+189
64 TSXGNTL Tresexagintillion 1e+192
65 QTSXGNTL Quattuorsexagintillion 1e+195
66 QNSXGNTL Qunsexagintillion 1e+198
67 SXSXGNTL Sexsexagintillion 1e+201
68 SPSXGNTL Septsexagintillion 1e+204
69 OSXGNTL Octosexagintillion 1e+207
70 NVSXGNTL Novemsexagintillion 1e+210
Septuagintillion ( SPTGNTL )
71 SPTGNTL Septuagintillion 1e+213
72 USPTGNTL Unseptuagintillion 1e+216
73 DSPTGNTL Duoseptuagintillion 1e+219
74 TSPTGNTL Treseptuagintillion 1e+222
75 QTSPTGNTL Quattuorseptuagintillion 1e+225
76 QNSPTGNTL Quinseptuagintillion 1e+228
77 SXSPTGNTL Sexseptuagintillion 1e+231
78 SPSPTGNTL Septseptuagintillion 1e+234
79 OSPTGNTL Octoseptuagintillion 1e+237
80 NVSPTGNTL Novemseptuagintillion 1e+240
Octogintillion ( OTGNTL )
81 OTGNTL Octogintillion 1e+243
82 UOTGNTL Unoctogintillion 1e+246
83 DOTGNTL Duooctogintillion 1e+249
84 TOTGNTL Treoctogintillion 1e+252
85 QTOTGNTL Quattuoroctogintillion 1e+255
86 QNOTGNTL Quinoctogintillion 1e+258
87 SXOTGNTL Sexoctogintillion 1e+261
88 SPOTGNTL Septoctogintillion 1e+264
89 OTOTGNTL Octooctogintillion 1e+267
90 NVOTGNTL Novemoctogintillion 1e+270
Nonagintillion ( NONGNTL )
91 NONGNTL Nonagintillion 1e+273
92 UNONGNTL Unnonagintillion 1e+276
93 DNONGNTL Duononagintillion 1e+279
94 TNONGNTL Trenonagintillion 1e+282
95 QTNONGNTL Quattuornonagintillion 1e+285
96 QNNONGNTL Quinnonagintillion 1e+288
97 SXNONGNTL Sexnonagintillion 1e+291
98 SPNONGNTL Septnonagintillion 1e+294
99 OTNONGNTL Octononagintillion 1e+297
100 NONONGNTL Novemnonagintillion 1e+300
101 DENONOGNTL Decinovemnonagintillion 1e+303
  • Maximum amount required for True Overlord Device ($999DENONONGNTL).
102 UDNONOGNTL Undecinovemnonagintillion 1e+306
103 CENT Centillion 1e+309
  • The minimum amount required for Overlord's Telamonster ($1CENT)
  • The amount required for Centillionaire badge ($1CENT)

Abnormal Suffixes Edit

Name Cause Notes Patched?
Scientific notation


Obtaining cash beyond $999CENT (>$9.99e+306). The game currently has no defined suffixes beyond CENT. Instead, the game displays money in scientific notation; i.e. $1.2345678901234e+307. N/A

(not a glitch)

$inf Obtaining beyond ~1.78e+312 If you achieve this you're a *clicks* Noice player. You obtain the Pillars of Supremacy. N/A

(not a glitch)

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