"A powerful mine from the future that reacts oddly to upgrades and status effects. Resetting and some devices related to the overlords of this world seem to have okay effects, versus effects like sparkles and fire seem to have larger effects."

Overview Edit

The Particle Accelerator is an Ascended tier added in the 500k update.

Trivia Edit

  • During the first release of this item, it was called the Fusion Drive and needed 1Qn to craft it.
Order Upgrader/s Particle Effect Ore Color
1st True Overlord/Overlord Device/System Error/Data Destroyer/ Tesla Resetter/Tesla Refuter/Black Dwarf/Final Upgrader/The Ultimate Sacrifice N/A Red to Light Red
2nd Portable Flamethrower/Master Spark Blaster/Angel's Blessing/Radiation Engine/Dragonyte Blaster/Vulcan's Blaster/Hydra Blaster/Dragon Blaster/Big Bad Blaster/ Nectar Blaster/Deadly Destroyer Fire/Sparkles/Smoke Light Red to Yellow
3rd Chemical Refiner Radiation ??
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