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Reborn Items Edit

Reborn-tier items are items that are obtained from Rebirthing, boxes or the power shop. They are used in multiple different things. You can obtain different types of Reborn Items. Reborn items are used in crafting Enchanted Items, evolving into Evolved Reborns or maybe something else in the future?

Here are all the Reborn Items in the game as off 08/03/2020(Under Construction)

List Of Reborn Items Edit

Image Name Rarity Life Effects/Value Description (Edited by a FANDOM user).
Reborn Liife Catagory
Quantum Ore Cleaner HD
Quantum Ore Cleaner 15 0 Upgrades ore by 4x Reborn
Frozen Justice HD
Frozen Justice 15 0 Processes normal ores at 10x

Processes flaming ores at x26

Massive Diamond Mine HD
Massive Diamond Mine 15 0 drop ores worth $750k Big diamond Mine
Nature's Grip 15 0

Processes unupgraded ore worth under $1K at 25,000

Processes unupgraded ore worth over $1K at 200,000,000

Its Named from


and grip

Dreamer's Fright 18 5 randomly sell ore at 95000x max and -95000x min a purple furnace looks like sacrificial sell in purpem it surmonted a three on
Tesla Resetter 18 5 reset the ore ( ore value tag, fire, sparkles )

a large upgarder ]

that resets ore 1 time

Newtonium Mine 18 5 drop ore at 2.95B-4.5B A mine that is Ok
Ore Illuminator 21 10 5x but needs to wait 10 seconds for the upgrade to work. If upgraded before 10 second is up, then ore is destroyed Lluminati
Flaming Schrodinger 2 10 randomly up ore , can do sparkles or explode A schrodinger But flaming hot
Big Bad Blaster 18 5 multiplies ores by 3 but has a 45% to destroy ore. a Blaster that blast ores and most of the ores get destroyed
Industrial Firecrystal Mine 15 0 Its like the indsudtrial Rainbow Mine but the color is orange
Lightningbolt Refiner 18 5 Its a finer but Is yellow
Dark Magic 21 10 a furnace in purple
Righteous Will 6 5 infuser who up speed , jump power and healt if after you use an reseting infuser ( vintage ) you can infuse you one more time. And a infuser but it gives you speed like the Speed infuser. haste infuser
Big Bertha 21 10 up ore by 10 can be used if time but after the first time if don't use tesla reseter ore have can dispear hem i don't know how desrive that
The Catalyst 21 5 do 7x can be used one time without reseting device. a big upgarder in red
Clockwork 8 15 do 10x have a small up who have a mini beam
Eternal Journey 10 100 a inf stair whit a three who are black
The Fracture 4 35 a big moth of the eart
Sage Redeemer 15 0 a rock whit frog on
Yunium Mine 17 5 a yelow small mine whit yellow fire on
Solar Flare 18 10 an dual

sun \moon

day \ night yelow \purple

Gate of Eclipse 15 150 a huge up in white
Blind Justice 7 250 a green cellular furnace whit a three
Ancient Temple 7 0 up ore by 7x if value is negate do 5x a romain-type bulding
Wild Spore 17 15 reset fire from ores and do 7x tow mushroom whit purple hat
Scorpium Mine 17 20 drop ore wort ? and ore worth more when the mine drop ore it's an big scorpion
Azure Refiner 15 0 do 4x ore need don't havee fire sparkles if nut he is destroyed a blue big up whit crystal
Morning Star 20 250 du 1,25x have a cap of ? ""Send your ore through the mighty Morning Star for nearly endless growth. Ignited ore must be put out or it'll be destroyed."
Dragon Blaster 5 0 do 3x have 25% when ore explode "A statue carved out of an unknown material which radiates incredible power. There's big, there's bad, and then there's this."
Symmetrium Mine 10 20 "The Symmetrium mine tracks its single ore and continuously upgrades it over time. It's azure flame protects the ore from being burnt. Ore is replaced instantly when destroyed."
Astral Predicter 15 0 do 7x "Sends a signal into time to upgrade ore some time in the future. Can only be used once"
Breech Loader 25 200 "A crude device which violently tears ores from other dimensions into our own. Ores have a slight chance to randomly duplicate."
Aether Refinery 5 50 "A mighty powerful furnace which processes ores at a huge rate. Puts up a barrier between ores to recharge."


3 10 "The dreamer's greatest enemy is one's self. Cruel how we often fail to realize how far we've come."
Dragonglass Mine 8 150 "A legendary mine that grows stronger the longer it is powered."
Northern Lights 1 1,000 "The glorious Northern Lights grow powerful as they process the blessed energy of the sparkling coal."
Precursor Furnace 3 10 "A furnace made of technology older than humanity itself. Once incredibly powerful, it's secret has been forgotten"
Precursor Mine 3 10 "A mine made by an ancient civilization. There has to be more to it than meets the eye."
Scorching Heat 10 30 "A parched shamble of bones that upgrades ore depending on how cold it is."
Guardian of the Gate 5 25 "The guardian is weary of humans and will only reveal his true power when you are far far away."
Timeless Enhancement 7 10 "A mystical spire that processes ores based on how few machine tags they have."
Ambrosia Fountain 7 25
Pizza Blaster 15 0 a pizza furnace in upgarder
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