Epic item

"Credits: robloxzac8520"

A reborn fusion item that has a multiplier of 1x but has a multiplier cap of 1500x and it has RNG where the multiplication can be 1-1500 so this item is not really useful if you are not dependent on luck.

Here is the line of code from the owner:

"Basically there is 4 locals that control everything in the upgrader, local Tier = math.random(1,10) -- This means there are 10 tiers of upgrades in the upgrade, right now it only changes the transparency of the ore local multi = 1 -- This is the multiplier which is used in chance local chance = math.random(multi,1500) -- This is the complete multiplier if the chance is 15 then the upgrade will be * 15 and the max multiplier is 1500"

Here is a basic of how it works

multi is = 1 chance is math.random(1,1500) 1 means multiplier now the multiplier can go from 1 all the way up to 1500 its always a random number between 1 - 1500 and 1 - 1500 is the multi if the chance is math.random(multi,15) then it will be 15 * if its math.random(multi,1500) then it's 1500 * ☀then it will be 15 * if its math.random(multi,1500) then it's 1500 *B

Used to craft void drive.

Can be purchased from The Wanderers Market for Stardust.

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