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Overview Edit

Shards of Life are a currency added in the [Refresh Update|Menu Refresh Update].

Shards are obtained by skipping lives when rebirthing. The shards are calculated by 1/2 of lives skipped, rounded up. For example, if 11 lives are skipped, 5 1/2 shards would be rounded up to 6.

Shards are [[1]] and [[2]].

Currently, shards can be used to buy certain Reborn-tier items ([Resetter|Tesla Resetter]), [Boxes#Spectral Box|Spectral Box], [Conveyor|Unstable Conveyor]s from [[3]], or the [[4]] in the [Heights Update|New Heights Update]. These shards can also be used to forge [[5]] Items from [Craftsman|The Craftsman].

 Trivia Edit

  • Someone on twitter asked [[6]] about the [Shrine|Crystal Shrine]. He originally claimed that it will cost 300 Shards of Life. This was not the case, and eventually became an [Reborn|Advanced Reborn].
  • According to one of [Draed|Mr. Draed]'s Miners, the meteor that they're mining is made of Shards of Life.
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