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" You really are rich huh? "


System Error is an Ultimate-tier upgrader. System Error requires the user to get at least $1OQQGNT. This upgrader has a sort of "Unsealing" gimmick, just like the Crystal Shrine. To unlock the upgrader, you must have an ore pass through it; And that said ore must have been upgraded by all of the following:

  1. Overlord Device
  2. True Overlord Device
  3. Ultimate Overlord Device
  4. Enchanted Library

Once the ore with said requirements passes through the upgrade beam, it should glow white, if it does, then success! Now, im working on making the enchanted library to test the modifier right now; The mods on Discord say its x1M, but i'll test to be sure.. In any way, its a very powerful upgrader if you can use it right.


  • In the past, rebirthing with inf was required to obtain the System Error.