"A more advanced and compact version of the Tesla Resetter which also amplifies an upgrade based on the amount of tags it removes."

Overview Edit

The Tesla Refuter is an Evolved Reborn-tier variant of the Tesla Resetter.

ot only does it remove all machine tags from the ores, but before it removes the tags, it multiplies the ores based on how many machine tags there are within that one ore.

The multiplier starts off at x1/15 (~x0.066) for ores with no upgrade tag and increases by 1/15 for every upgrade tag the ore has. The maximum multiplier is x10 (at 149 or 150 (?) upgrade tags).

Appearance Edit

The Tesla Refuter is 1 unit smaller in length and width than Tesla Resetter. There are six bolts of lightning striking down upon the conveyor, as opposed to the single upgrade beam of the Tesla Resetter. The color is gray and pale yellow, while Tesla Resetter supports a dark yellow.

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