"An amazing machine that removes all status effects such as Radioactive and Flaming from an ore and removes all tags, allowing it to go through limiting machines again. Can only be used once."

Overview: Edit

The Tesla Resetter is a Reborn-tier item. It does not upgrade ore, but removes all effects and machine tags from ores. This allows ore to go through the same upgraders again, essentially squaring the multipliers of every upgrader used.

The Tesla Resetter can only be used and reset upgrade tags once, therefore it cannot be used again (or with its evolution).

Trivia: Edit

  • It is worth noting that fire-proof ores such as ores of the Symmetrium Mine and its evolution will lose their fire-proof effect once they pass through the Tesla Resetter. The Tesla Resetter will remove all status effects with no exception.
  • 10 Tesla Resetters placed upon rebirthing created the evolved version, Tesla Refuter
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