"Gretings, taveler. Phaps I m int you in my waaares." -The Masked Man[edit | edit source]

"The Masked Man is a traveling merchant that sells his curious wares." -Tip

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Masked Man is the primary merchant in Miner's Haven Plus, offering exquisite and unique Contraband-tier items in limited stock for a price that can range in a handful or a hefty amount of Research Points (RP), Unobtainium Crystals (uC), or Shards of Life. He is not limited to Contraband items, as on occasion he can offer Luxury, Exotic, or even Reborn items.

He is always at one exact spot when he sells items and that's next to Iron Mine Chan inside the cave.

While finding him may be difficult, this problem can be circumvented by using a Mysterious Teleporter, which takes the player directly to The Masked Man. However, using the teleporter when he is not present on the map will take the player to a secret location, but he will not open his inventory for the player.

Current Items[edit | edit source]

Item Name Price Tier Reborn/Sacrifice Proof?
Assembly Unit 290 RP Collectible Yes
Assembly Unit 290 RP Collectible Yes
Assembly Unit 290 RP Collectible Yes
Assembly Unit 290 RP Collectible Yes

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Spawn Location[edit | edit source]

Location Image
Inside a cave, next to Iron Mine Chan


Note: The table is drastically incomplete. Please contribute to the table if you know the other locations!

Masked Man Items[edit | edit source]

Item Name Price Item Tier Reborn/Sacrifice Proof?
Premium Tracker 30 to 130 uC Contraband Yes
Lucky Clover Template:Robux 25 Misc Yes
Lunar Refiner 18.5k to 65k RP Contraband Yes
Inferno Box Template:Robux25 Misc Yes
Diamond Falls $1.70Qn to $3.00Qn Contraband Yes
Robotic Enhancer $142B to $260B Contraband Yes
Ore Negator 55.5k to 150k RP Contraband Yes
Unstable Conveyor 1 Template:ShardsOfLife Contraband Yes
Superunobtainium Mine 100 to 260 uC Contraband Yes
Chemical Refiner 33.3k to 100k RP Contraband Yes
Alien Relic 48k to 100k RP Contraband Yes
THE UNDERTAKER 24 to 34 uC Contraband Yes
Tesla Resetter 10 Template:ShardsOfLife Reborn Yes/No
Crate Storm Template:Robux45 Misc Yes
Freon Sprayer 17 to 46 uC Contraband Yes
Unreal Box Bundle Template:Robux75 Misc Yes
Ancient Magic 700 to 1.7k uC Exotic Yes
Molten Forge 24k to 124k RP Contraband Yes
Rocket Launcher Template:Robux95 Exotic Yes
Freon Bombarder 222 to 600 uC Luxury Yes
Glow Infuser 290 to 500 uC Luxury Yes
Icosahedron Flood Light 628 to 1k uC Exotic Yes
Spectral Box 20 Template:ShardsOfLife Misc Yes
Luxury Box 148 to 350 uC Misc Yes
Pirate Cove 740 to 1.24k uC Exotic Yes
Nebula System Template:Robux300 Exotic Yes
Base Materializer 444 to 1k uC Luxury Yes
Base Colorizer 370 to 620 uC Luxury Yes
Autumn Breeze 1.2k to 1.70k uC Exotic Yes
Heavenly Wisp 888 to 2k uC Exotic Yes

Not all price ranges are exact. There may be even higher or even lower prices than the ones listed above.

Discontinued Masked Man items[edit | edit source]

These tend to be Exotic items as they're meant to be seasonal, yet not during a special event whereas seasonal merchants such as Headless Santa would sell items.

Item Name Price Reborn/Sacrifice Proof? Notes
Volcango 700-2k uC Yes
Wubium Mine 500-2k uC Yes
Nightmare 1-2k uC Yes
Spooky Box Bundle R$75 Yes Seasonal replacement for the Unreal Box Bundle.
Sword God Shrine 200 Template:ShardsOfLife Yes/No Now Advanced Reborn. Removed from the Masked Man during the 2019 Halloween Event.
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