The Wanderers MarketEdit

"Hello! What Would You Like Today?"


The Wanderers Market is the secondary merchant in Miner's Haven Plus, offering exquisite and unique Enchanted, Evolved Reborn, Ultimate, Advanced Reborn, Slipstream items for Power Point(s) and StarDust(s)

He is always at one exact spot when he sells items and that's at a corner.

Current ItemsEdit

Item Name Price Tier Reborn/Sacrifice Proof?
Angel's Blessing 601 StarDust(s) - ??? Enchanted Yes
Gargantium Mine 803 Power Point(s) - ??? Enchanted Yes
Vulcanic Forge 7 StarDust(s) - ??? Evolved Reborn Yes / No
Small Platform 262 Shards of Life - ??? Misc Yes / No
Hydra Blaster 463 Power Point(s) - ??? Evolved Reborn Yes / No
System Error 1.60k StarDust(s) - ??? Ultimate Yes / No
Other Dimension 1.15k StarDust(s) - ??? Adv. Reborn Yes / No
The Grand Prism 691 Power Point(s) - ??? Slipstream Yes / No

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Trivia Edit

it is unknown if he is the great great grandson to obama, but there is one simularity.

they both have a big brain.

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