This is a section reviewing gaining XP from either daily gift farming or the easier and way more effective GAPPLE farm. So daily gift farming for UC is very ineffective even farming for lucky clovers through dailies is legit waste of your time so give up...Get boxes. This will be going over gapple farming. Gapple farming is the use of the item Gapple which is a MH+ item that gives UC per 20 ores instead of Research points. Gapple farming is done most effective. To farm gapple spread across the outside of your base reduces lag. Use wubium mine preferred. Make sure your graphics quality is down. Using 16 gapples may cause lag which is based on PC specs or your server mates this is pretty key so find a small server or shutdown unused apps.ex---> ALright that's all any questions ask my on disc or add me in game..CommerKillerGt2. disc COMMER#2932. Thanks have a nice day :D

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