Upgraders are machines that increase the ore's value by a percentage or multiplier, add a lump sum of money to the ore, or put a special effect on the ore.

This can improve the outcome of ore to make more money.

Dollar Cap Upgraders Edit

These upgraders only upgrade ore if they're below the cap the upgrader is assigned.

Players place these upgraders either first or after upgraders that add a sum of money to the ore so that they can make ore worth as much money as they can.

New players get one called the Large Ore Upgrader.

Limited/Limitless UpgradersEdit

These tend to be harder to get but they can increase ore value no matter what the ore is worth. The catch is that most limitless upgraders can only be used a certain amount of times.

Some examples include Portable Ore Advancer and Advanced Ore Scanner.

These can be solved by using the Tesla Resetter, Tesla Refuter, The Ultimate Sacrifice, The Final Upgrader, The Great Smashed, (Void Star, or Black Dwarf provided that the ores are not upgraded by star items (Catalyzed Star's first upgrade doesn't count as a star upgrade).

Some of the upgraders that can upgrade ore without a cap and can be used unlimited times have a probability of destroying ore like Big Bad Blaster, Schrodinger Evaluator, and Gate of Eclipse.

Others add a sum of money to the ore value like Ore Purifier Machine and Cursed Ore Purifier.

Some upgraders may have a combination of the characteristics like The Beehive.

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